5 Best Movies

5 Best Movies To Watch On This International Women’s Day 2024.

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5 Best Movies To watch on this Women’s Day: On the occasion of women’s day let us see some films inspired by women as real heroes. and nowadays the production of such films has increased. and people are liking such movies and these movies are not only entertaining these are inspiring the woman’s to move forward in life. let us see some powerful movies.

5 Best Movies
5 Best Movies To watch on this Women’s Day

List of 5 best movies on women’s day.

1. MOM:

This is Sridevi’s “MOM” movie that shows the power of love between mother and Daughter. Sridevi played as Devaki In this film. This film is about a mother who can do whatever for her child. You can watch this film on Netflix.

2. Darlings:

We all know about the women who suffer violence from their husbands.Alia Bhat And Shefali Shah’s film Darlings is a movie related to this topic.In this movie Alia is playing the role of a wife struggling with overkill of her Husband.This story is not only about the pain but also about anger and revenge.Vijay verma had also played an important role in this movie.

3. MiMI:

Kriti Sanon has played the role of Mimi. The movie was released in the year 2021, Mimi Rathore with big dreams one day her life take turn which she had not imagined. In this film Mimi had become a surrogate mother to a foreign couples and promised them about happiness of motherhood. The movie is very interesting. Do watch this to see her challenges she faced in life.

4. Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway:

The fight of indian mother is shown in this film Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway released in the year 2023 Norway’s child protection center took their child from them. She decided to fight against the legal battle and took her child back from them. This is a true inspired story. the  strong relation between child-mother bond.


Kangana Ranuat film Queen is the movie where a woman went alone on her Honeymoon. His would denies to marry her, after losing the confidence she decided to go alone on her honeymoon she went to Paris and Amsterdam Kangana Ranaut played a role called Rani, rani experienced many problems in her solo honeymoon. Many people appreciated kangana Acting in this movie 

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