Air Pollution causing various Diseases

Air Pollution Causing Various diseases – Why Everyone suddenly falling sick in India ? Secret Disease spreading in India ?

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Today we are talking about the Air Pollution that is killing us day by day !!

And Why AIR POLLUTION is Killing millions of Indians every year and also destroying our economy.

How air pollution is caused – Today we will see the Main 5 reasons of Air Pollutions

  1. Traffic
  2. Construction Dust
  3. Industrial Pollution
  4. Waste Burning 
  5. Coal Usage for Power
Air Pollution Causing Various diseases
How are pollution affect human health ?

What is the Impact of Air Pollution on our Health ? and How Indian Cities solve the problems of Air Pollution ? Let’s look into it more deeply to discuss the Solutions on controlling Air pollution in India.

Do you know that we are consuming Rat poison Daily ! Shocked ? Don’t worry we are not going to die immediately but this Rat poison is nothing but the Air Pollution that we are inhaling unknowingly on a daily basis which decreases 10 years of our lifespan.

There was an experiment made in Lucknow to check the Air Quality. For Demonstrating the Impact of  Air Pollution on Health, Lungs and respiratory Systems. Lungs were Installed in Lucknow, which turned smoky black within Just Five days. Which Means that our lungs are suffering through a lot but we are less bothered, but later this condition is leading us to an increased number of Heart Attacks, Asthma and Lungs Cancer.

How Air Pollution affects health and the environment and its becoming a Silent Killer in India !!

We have noticed that Heartattacks, Lungs cancer and Asthma cases are rapidly increasing in India. And for all these issues occurring India due our Air. Today we are not Only seeing the Problems but also we need to look for the best Solution to defend this situation. Today Lets see a few solutions that as a Individuals we should look to bring change and a few solutions that the Government should look into. So that we can save our family and friends and our beloved Indian people.

Some people are only talking about the negatives of India and never want to look for the solution. As we know that India is still developing and it’s not a perfect country but we as an Indian’s should Look for the positive and bring the change for our Country rather than running away from India.

Lets See how air pollution occurs and what’s the Problem behind Indian Air Pollution ?

We did the search on the Air Pollution problem to find out why our Air is getting polluted day by day and we found this which we have divided into 5 data points.

Let’s look into these Five Points one by one which is causing Air Pollution in India !

Number 1 Air Pollutant – TRAFFIC Jam :

Air Pollution Causing Various diseases
Traffic Jams Produces lot of air pollution in cities. How air pollution can be reduced.

Recently the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India had taken out a report and they found an interesting fact out of it like from 2001 to 2019 our population has increased by 36.86% and do you know how much private cars have increased in this time ? And the Answer is Shockingly 352%. That means at which speed our human Population is increasing our Private cars population has increased by 10 Times more.

We don’t have a problem with Private Vehicles, But We have problems with Broken Public Transports. If a Single Bus can carry up to 60 people and that would take very less space on the road however if 60 people come in their own Cars then it will create the Traffic on roads which causes Air Pollution.

For example if a State like Gujarat has 3 Cores cars and for that they have only 1195 registered PUC Centers operating in Gujarat. And we don’t know how effective these PUC centers are in Gujarat. And in a random inspection of 798 PUC testing Centers, out of it 162 centers licenses were suspended/Canceled. Which means the exercise of these PUC Centers is a Complete Failure of our Indian Nation.

Here we don’t know if Pollution is getting controlled with these PUC Centers but Money is obviously going out from all Indian People.

Here We have stuck between TRAFFIC & POLLUTION Cycle –

Because of not having a proper Public Transport >> people are taking their Private vehicles from these Private vehicles >> Traffic is increasing and to manage this Traffic >> now our government is building New Flyovers, Roads, and Construction is happening >> and from this Construction dusts Air Pollution is happening hence this is the Cycle between Traffic and Pollution.

Number 2 Air Pollutant – Construction Dust : How air pollution can be prevented.

Air Pollution Causing Various diseases

And I live in Pune and Mumbai, And Construction is not happening in Mumbai / Pune City. Rather it feels like Mumbai and Pune are under construction and as per the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) 70% of the air pollution is happening due to Construction dust.

And this is the same issue in other cities as well, Like Bangalore has 23%, Chennai has 23, Delhi has 38%, and Mumbai has 71% Air pollution due to Construction Dust.

We want you to Observe on air Quality on Public Holidays it’s normally clear and Good. As there will be less vehicles on road and Constructions also shut down on these public holidays.

Do you know our how Air Pollution is also impacting our Economy ?

Productivity gets lost, Working hours get limited, and nowadays People don’t want to work in Factories, And in the future, if we want to give a strong fight to China in Manufacturing then we need to focus on our Solutions so that we can build our country as a Strong manufacturing hub.

Number 3 Air Pollutant is Industrial Emissions.

Air Pollution Causing Various diseases
How air pollution causes global warming.

Today people don’t want to work in industries as they know the air quality over there is poor and toxic to inhale. Due to this toxic air they may suffer from Asthma, Cancer, and Bronchitis which can be very deadly.

And you know there is no proper connection between the Audits made for Factory and Pollution controls. It’s not like that our Factories air pollution data is not collected, they get collected but that is always available with Pollution controllers not with common people like you and me.

And many of the workers working in Industries in India don’t have health Insurance and in case they land up in any diseases which require a lot of money to get the treatment. So they get all the pressure on their own savings that they have earned while working in Toxic environment.

As per one of the articles from Times of India – Doctor says that the patients who came to diagnose related lung issues are generally smokers. But now a days the patients numbers has been increase who are non smokers and this is happening due to Air Pollution. And this is India’s biggest problem that even the Rich people or common people are facing. Even the educated and uneducated people are getting affected with this Air pollution issue as we know that wherever we live in a posh bungalow or in a small house we all travel on the same polluted roads and inhale the same quality of air.

And this Polluted Air is a Poison for Us which has taken a part of our daily life which we are inhaling on a daily basis. And we know Diseases never discriminate with RICH or POOR People.

How Air Pollution is Impacting Our Health ?

We know that after COVID our all immunity has been impacted so we don’t have the same Immunity power before COVID !

And we see now a day if there is a slight change in the weather we are getting cold and cough and Fever is common now. And we are also seeing an increase in heart attacks in India and that has a connection with Air Pollution. Due to Poor Air quality many people are facing serious Cardiovascular diseases and this also impacts the Lungs functioning and leads to pressure on the heart.

Now in India cities are becoming Polluted and which is a very serious emergency problem that we need to look into as soon as possible. And there’s always a tug of war between the Construction developments vs Environment. As we need Electricity development in our city which is impacting our cities.

Number 4 Air Pollutant is Waste Burning – How Air Pollution affects the environment.

Air Pollution Causing Various diseases

We daily see that our watchman outside our Society burns the wastes and leaves to get rid of cold temperature and they are less bothered about the pollution, and even they are unaware that inhaling this smoke coming from burning this waste can cause Asthma !

And the Main issue of wastage management is we are not segregating the wastes properly into a Dry waste and Wet Waste  (Suka Kachra and Gila Kachra). And in India these wastes are thrown in a same mixed Dustbin container due to which the authorities dump them in a land and to save space they even burn these wastes.

And while burning these wastes we burn the plastic bottles and Rubber, which generates the toxic fumes, and if we don’t take any steps to control this burning of wastes then this waste burning will become the India’s largest source of Air Pollution by 2035.

Number 5 Air Pollutant is Dirty Power Plants – How air pollution can be controlled.

Air Pollution Causing Various diseases

In India we still generate 86% of power from Non renewable sources. Last year in Sept 2023 out of total 130 Billion units 108 Billion units were produced from thermal power plants.

India has already set the emission control regulations against these Thermal Power plants to control the Air Pollutions so that they can control the Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide.

As per reports 70% of Power Plant won’t meet this emission control regulations. And even the power plants were given timelines of 7 years but still these Power plants couldn’t meet the emission Norms.

Every year in the list of Most polluted cities India’s name is always there on this list. Reason behind getting our Cities name in these most polluted cities is negligence towards maintaining our city. Because no one cares about the Air they are breathing, we are just behind the basic needs of people. But the real basis needed to be alive is Air that we breathe every second. Solution for this is to go for green energy and produce of necessary electricity with the help of wind turbines and solar panels.

After Looking into these problems Let’s look into the Solutions for Air Pollution.

Solutions for Air Pollution –

Air pollution is a serious crisis, until we make it an election issue and it will never go in the minds of policy makers that they are the ones who should be working on these issues.

And it starts with Air quality Monitoring – As per the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change – 131 cities under National clean Air Programme allocation of funds have been made to combat air Pollution. As the money has been allocated but we don’t know how that money is being utilized ? We know Pollution is there, What can we do about this ? Is there any solution for this Air Pollution ?  

On a serious note we should do the Waste Segregation properly. And you know we have a bad tendency in our mind that whatever the wastes and trash we have generated is not our individual responsibility we think that’s a multiple authority responsibility to clean the wastes we have created.

Why are air pollution increases in Winter ? – Because in winter many people burn the waste to get their environment heat and feel warmer one example we saw about the security watch mans burning wastes.

If we see in actual manner we are the one who produces the wastes and we call them Khachrawale, however they are the cleaner of our city and we are the Khachrawale.

From Gila Khachra (wet waste) we can create the fertilizers we can create the black gold for this wet wastes. To know more how to create the Fertilizers from Wet waste Click here.

From Plastic rappers we can create usable bags, where a company named Recharkha in Pune is producing the Bags from dry wastes. 

But when we throw our Wastes by mixing it together then this waste is not usable, Hence this waste neither turns into Fertilizers nor that can be used for any manufacturing of any product. And that leads to problems and our cities turn into Wastes Mountain where it is being burned and that releases the Toxic gasses which releases Methane gas and this causes global warming and ultimately we are the ones who are ignoring the importance of Segregating the wastes properly. And this is why we are the only ones getting in return to Inhale this polluted Air.

In Hindi we say “ Humare Papoon ki Saja Humehi Bhugatne Padti he” and this is true if we look at this situation.

We give examples of our Watch Man Security people, where they don’t have proper facilities like cabins, blankets due to which they burn the waste and Pollute Air on a daily Basis Because this is not required or Mandatory rule made hence we don’t follow this. If we have some extra warm Clothes at home then we can give it to our watchman so that they feel comfortable at night in the cold environment and they would not burn the wastes.

In today’s time people are buying cars as a status symbol to show off their Luxury, not as a necessary reason. We know that our countries Public transport is not perfect but we have the best possible connectivity from states to states, and we are getting inspired by wrong countries like USA where they don’t have options to travel from states to states as they have drive by there vehicles only but we have the best railway connectivity that can be used and we want our government to improve our railways and increase the trains and tracks and increase the routes so that we use our public transport more rather than using vehicles.

Our Total Pollution is 140 Crore and our government buses are only 145000 buses. In 2022 Rs18000 Cores was allocated for urban buses but there is not that much progress done on it.

In India there are a lot of problems in Public transport because it is not profitable and hence we have to be dependent on municipality Money and that depends on the politician who utilizes it.

Now after looking into this, common people will only think that lets save money and take the Car, this is the one we have mentioned in the above cycle of air pollution. Where Car increases >> Traffic Increases >> then Air Pollution is Created.

Solution on Construction dust : on how air pollution can be prevented.

When we see the types of construction like road, Metro or repairing the roads, here the scientific rules are not followed like after the constructions is done the Soil and dust keeps lying on the site for years and that blow away in the wind and causes the Dust Pollution, Hence after the construction work it should be mandatory to clean all the waste and dusts from the site locations.

It is simple we should give proper training to working staff and better planning to handle the work and complete the construction in specified timelines, and using the water sprays in construction to reduce the Dust pollution.

Next Solution is Urban Greening –

Trees are the superheroes here as they don’t only keep our environment cool and provide Oxygen, they even absorb the dust on the leaves of trees. If you can observe your nearby trees, they are full of dust on their leaves. There are few TREES like NEEM, ASHOKA, BANYAN, MANGO, GUAVA which are very effective in replanting to help in reducing our Air pollution.

Air Pollution Causing Various diseases
How air pollution can be prevented by planting trees in your cities.

Next Solution is Local Solutions –

We need to look for solutions like how an Indian Startup company called AIRTH has come up with a solution of Air Purifiers which can be used above AC which can eliminate the high priced air purifiers which cost around 30K. Most importantly we need to raise this issue as a Political issue so that elections are coming so we all need to raise a voice about this issue along with the solutions that the government can seriously pay attention to as a Political issue.

Now elections are coming and none of the party is taking these environmental issues as serious issues in their Manifest. So as to how we give importance to our God and their temples likewise our own body is also a temple for us where we live. So we need to make sure our own temples are protected from this Air Pollution.

We always keep talking that we want to be like Singapore, But we will never learn from their Gardens, Public Transport, and Rules and regulations how they are managing their wastes. And we will keep taking this poison in the form of inhaling the polluted air and this way we head towards our own death.

However Clean Air is our fundamental Rights so we need to raise our voice and make this message very clear to all Citizens of India to spread this message and bring some change in our lives.

I’m standing in support of Abhi and Niyu. Where they are very clear in their message to bring the change in our action plan. Please support their initiative. And watch the below video beautifully demonstrating the issues and solutions.

Why Every Indian suddenly falling sick ? Secret Disease spreading in India?

Watch this video from where this Blog has been Inspired.

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