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How did Bengaluru CEO Suchana Seth’s son dies in the Goa murder? Postmortem report provides information

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Suchana Seth the CEO of Bengaluru -based artificial intelligence start-up her 4 years old son died. Dr. Kumar Naik performed the post mortem report and stated that the boy was suffocated to Death. Suchana seth was taken to custody on Monday night in Chitradurga Karnataka, on suspicious of killing her own child last week while on the vacation to Goa at serviced apartment.

suchana seth
Image Courtesy- The Indian Express

39 years old suchana seth while she was travelling from Goa to Bangalore inside her suitcase the boy’s body was found then the Goa police took her in custody.

some call it Choking but the boy was suffocated to death. pillow or cloth has been used so the youngster was suffocated to death. hands were not used some cushion or other material has used to suffocate the child as per postmortem report by Dr. Kumar Naik the administrative officer of Hiriyur taluk hospital Chitradurga Karnataka has given the statement. the Dr. also stated that the exact moment of death was unknown but it had been 36 hours.

According to The Indian Express, Goa top police officials stated that the youngster has been suffocated to death by using pillow from the service apartment.

Their were no murder weapon present during this incident CEO suchana seth has also tried for suicide by cutting her wrist with scissors. according to the newspaper the officer stated blood samples have been given and the DNA test will be done to verify this case.

Who is suchana seth?

The CEO of “The Mindful AI Lab” is Suchana Seth. according to Suchana Seth Linkedin page she is a data scientist and AI ethics with 12 years of experience leading data science teams and scaling machine learning solution in industrial research labs and startups.

suchana seth
Image Courtesy – Hindustan Times

Suchana seth has been included in the 100 brilliant women list in AI ethics list. she was in the position of research fellow in Raman Research Institute, a Mozilla fellow at Data & Society and a fellow at Harvard University Berkman Klein Center. According to the profile she was also the owner of patents language processing. she had completed her postgraduation from university of Calcutta and two years resident of Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. she was residing in Bengaluru she was originally from West Bengal. her husband Venkat Raman home town is Kerala.

suchana seth’s husband was in Jakarta on Tuesday night after getting the news he traveled back to India according to the police. after Venkat Raman reached Chitradurga Karnataka Police said he allowed the local authorities to perform post-mortem on his son’s body.

What happened in Goa?

As per Goa police, the murder happened at service unit at Candolim in North Goa between 6 and 8 January. On 6th January suchana and her son checked into the service flat. she stayed their for two days before leaving early on 8th January waiting for the cab to go Bengaluru. The apartment worker found bloodstains on the towel while cleaning the room where she had been staying. He notified the Goa police stating that her son was not seen while her check out but she was carrying a hefty backpack. after getting in touch with her colleagues Goa police investigated Seth’s bag and found child body inside the bag. after this police took her in custody and judge placed her under house arrest for period of six days.

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