Beyond Snack Success Story

Beyond Snack Success Story: This individual turned a simple venture of selling banana chips into a multi-million-dollar company. Read the full story 1st.

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Beyond Snack Success Story: In today’s rapidly advancing world of startups and businesses in India, the country boasts over 100 unicorn startups. Many individuals are inspired to start their own ventures, and in this realm of startups, we bring you a success story that involves creating a million-dollar company by selling only banana chips. Today, we explore the success story of Beyond Snack, a company that gained recognition even on the business reality show Shark Tank India.

Beyond Snack Success Story
Beyond Snack Success Story

The founder of Beyond Snack, Manas Madhu, has transformed his company into a multi-million-dollar venture. Many are curious to know the details of the Beyond Snack success story—how Manas turned selling banana chips into a thriving business. Stay tuned until the end of this post to get insights into the Beyond Snack success story.

The Beginning of Beyond Snack Success Story.

Manas Madhu started Beyond Snack in the year 2020 in Kerala. With an MBA in education, Manas had previously worked as a business consultant for various multinational companies. However, his childhood dream was to start his own business. In 2018, he initiated a company called Dr. Jackfruit, selling jackfruit products. Unfortunately, this first business venture faced challenges and did not perform well.

Undeterred, in 2020, Manas conceptualized the idea of selling banana chips under the brand Beyond Snack. He recognized an opportunity in the market as quality banana chips were scarce at that time. With determination and this innovative idea, Manas laid the foundation for Beyond Snack.

Initial Struggles and Triumphs

Initially, Beyond Snack received few orders, but over time, the demand for their top-quality banana chips increased. When the reality show Shark Tank India premiered in 2020 on Sony Networks, Manas saw it as an opportunity to secure investments for his business.

Shark Tank India and Global Recognition

In the eighth episode of Shark Tank India Season 1, Manas pitched Beyond Snack to the sharks, seeking a 50 lakh INR investment for a 2.5% equity stake in his company. All the sharks were impressed with his pitch, and ultimately, Ashneer Grover and Aman Gupta invested 50 lakh INR in Beyond Snack.

Beyond Snack Success Story
Beyond Snack Success Story

The episode gained immense popularity, resulting in a significant increase in sales. Following Shark Tank India, Beyond Snack received additional funding from other investors. The company’s growth accelerated, and it became a prominent name in the business world.

From Dreams to Millions

Today, Beyond Snack, under Manas Madhu’s leadership, generates revenue in crores every month by selling only banana chips. The company has received funding of over 4 million dollars from various investors. Beyond Snack’s valuation has soared into the millions, and its chips are sold in the thousands of lakhs. If you wish to try Beyond Snack’s banana chips, you can easily purchase them online.

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