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Exploring Vantara: Anant Ambani’s Visionary Wildlife Sanctuary Adventure”2024

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Anant Ambani Announced the launch of “Vantara” this project aimed at rescue, caring, treating and rehabilitation centers for the abused, threatened animals in India And outside India. Anant Ambani, director on the board of Reliance foundation and reliance industries is considered to be the world’s largest animal rescue center.

Anant Ambani

Vantara is located in Reliance Jamnagar refinery complex, Gujarat.this place is also recognized as “Green Belt” of Gujarat.The animal Shelter is spread across 3000 acres having a jungle like environment. Currently Vantara has 2000 rescued animals all over the world.

Anant Ambani inspiration behind Vantara Project:

Anant Ambani said that his mother Nita Ambani, is the biggest inspiration behind this project. In Hindu religion it is said that animals are Dear to Gods, My mother taught this to me. We have rescued over 200 elephants from all over the country. The 600 acres developed as natural habitat for Elephants.

Vantara launched on February 26,2024. Vantara gives shelter to other various animals like Lions, Leopards, Crocodiles and Tigers. 

Anant Ambani

Vantara provides these Facilities to the rescued animals:

There’s a hospital with a medical research center with advanced amenities like x-ray, MRI, ICU, CT-scan, endoscopy, ultrasound, dental scalers and also video conferencing for surgeries.

The exclusive elephant hospital has laser machines, oxygen chambers and pathology labs.

This center also includes Hydrotherapy pools, jacuzzi for large elephant arthritis treatment.

Anant Ambani informed that Vantara aims to collaborate with the “zoo authority of India” and other relevant government organizations in improving 150 zoos all over India in terms of training and animal care infrastructure. Anant Ambani said the zoological park will be open soon to the public.

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