FASTAG is about to end now it is replaced by New Technology 2024

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Yes you heard it right because the Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways has decided to replace FASTAG by new age technology that is ANPR-Automatic Number Plate Reader Cameras and the blueprint is let us understand how this technology will work.


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has told soon they will launch satellite based toll collection.and on highways ANPR-Automatic Number Plate Reader Cameras will be installed.These cameras will read your number plate in different location.Toll tax will be calculated according to the distance traveled by the car.The toll tax will be deducted directly from your bank account.

During 18-19, the average waiting time of vehicles at toll plaza was 8 minutes. when FASTAG was introduced in 2020-21 the vehicle time at toll plaza was reduced to 47 seconds.

How is this technology different from FASTAG?

FASTAG uses RFID- Radio Frequency Identification Technology. According to the New Satellite Based Toll Collection System there is no need to use the RFID technology. In FASTAG no matter how far you travel if you cross the toll plaza you have to pay full tax. But in new technology that is Satellite based toll system you will pay toll for the distance you have traveled. It means saving the money. In FASTAG you have to recharge regularly but in New Technology Toll Tax will be deducted from directly Bank Account. This is just a Blueprint their may be more changes in final version. This was about New Toll Collection Technology.

Nitin Gadkari said that the Government is looking at two options, a satellite based toll system where GPS will be in the car and toll will be directly deducted from bank account.and the other option is through number plate.

Selection of technology is still pending and any official decision but the new technology is going to launch soon.

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