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Tensions Escalate Between Iran and Pakistan: Could War Be on the Horizon? Which side has the Powerful Victory 2024?

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In recent days the tense situation between Iran and Pakistan, raising worries about the possibility of a big war. The tension started when Iran carried out airstrikes in Pakistan, targeting places where they believed militants were hiding. In response, Pakistan launched what they called “highly coordinated” strikes in a province of Iran called Siestan-o-Baluchistan, with the aim of getting rid of terrorists.


This situation is adding to global unrest, particularly with ongoing problems like the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Palestine conflicts grabbing attention. The thought of a war between Iran and Pakistan is especially worrisome because it could lead to more significant consequences than other conflicts.

The main reason for these tensions is the border problems between the two countries. Pakistan says that separatists from Baluchistan hide in Iran, while Iran accuses Pakistan of sheltering Sunni terrorists responsible for attacks in Iran. This border disagreement has been going on for more than ten years, with groups like Jaish al-Adl causing problems.

What is the main issue between Iran and Pakistan?

Both Iran and Pakistan face attacks by Baloch separatist militants in restive Balochistan, leading to souring relations and mutual recriminations. The Balochistan Liberation Army and the Jaish ul-Adl are often accused of operating in each other’s territory.

Did Iran Launch a Missile On Pakistan?

Iran said it used “precision missile and drone strikes,” to destroy two strongholds of the Sunni militant group Jaish al-Adl in Pakistan’s southwest Balochistan province, according to the Tasnim news agency.

Recent happenings have made the usually friendly relations between Pakistan and Iran more strained. Traditionally, these two nations worked together on different things, but recent changes, like Pakistan getting close to the US and Arab allies, have caused issues. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan tried to build better connections with Russia, China, and Iran, but this led to challenges, and he was replaced by a temporary government that seems to be influenced by the US.

China has played a big part in building connections between Iran and Pakistan. They appointed Ambassador Muhammad Mudassir Tipu for his experience in China, with the hope that he would help with projects like the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). However, after Pakistan recalled Tipu following recent strikes, the collaboration between Iran and Pakistan hit a roadblock.

Now, with tensions going up, the chance of a big war can’t be ignored. China is trying to help mediate between the two countries, but Pakistan’s temporary government and financial struggles make the situation tricky. The military, wanting to gain public support, has strongly reacted to Iran’s actions.

The risk of things getting worse is also higher because of Pakistan’s troubled relationships with neighboring India and Afghanistan. The big question is whether Pakistan can handle conflicts on multiple sides. Plus, the actions of the US and Russia, who support Pakistan and Iran respectively, will play a big role in deciding what happens next. The world is nervously watching as the possibility of a major conflict hangs in the balance.

As of now already Pakistan’s economy is on low and in such crisis, Is pakistan ready for this War ?

Will be the Pakistan lose this war and had to payoff for there people.

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