Karpoori Thakur

Karpoori Thakur Biography: Who was Karpoori Thakur? The man honored with the Bharat Ratna!

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In our country, India, there have been numerous political leaders like Karpoori Thakur who are still remembered today because they earned great love among the people during their political tenure. Similarly, the name of the Loknayak of Indian politics, Karpoori Thakur, is still revered among the masses, and now he is also set to be honored with the Bharat Ratna by the Indian government.

Karpoori Thakur

Karpoori Thakur worked as the Chief Minister of Bihar twice, and during his tenure, the people of Bihar affectionately called him “Jan Nayak” (People’s Leader) because a Chief Minister like Thakur had never been seen before. He was a simple and down-to-earth politician who had a special place in the hearts of the people.

Today, many people are interested in knowing about Karpoori’s biography to understand more about this iconic figure. In this article, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of his life.

Who was Karpoori Thakur?

Karpoori Thakur, a two-time Chief Minister of Bihar in India, was born on January 24, 1924, in Samastipur, Bihar, into a family of barbers. During his early life, India was under British rule, and as he grew older, he actively participated in Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India Movement in 1942 to contribute to India’s independence.

Karpoori Thakur

Choosing the path of resistance led Karpoori T to face imprisonment several times under British rule, but he never wavered in his commitment. After India gained independence, he contested and won his first state assembly election in Bihar in 1952. From then on, Karpoori remained a constant participant in various legislative bodies throughout his life.

Known for his simplicity, Karpoori T did not acquire any personal property or luxuries throughout his life. Even lacking ancestral land, he always chose the path of truth and honesty.

Key Details:

  • Real Name: Karpoori Thakur
  • Profession/Occupation: Teacher, Freedom Fighter, Politician
  • Surname: Thakur
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Born: January 24, 1924, Samastipur, Bihar
  • Died: February 17, 1988 (Age 64)
  • Wife/Spouse: Phulmani Devi
  • Awards: Bharat Ratna (2024)

Karpoori T served as the Chief Minister of Bihar twice. In his first term from December 1970 to June 1971, he successfully implemented reservations for backward castes in government jobs. In his second term from June 1977 to April 1979, he served as Bihar’s Chief Minister representing the Janata Party.

PM Narendra Modi Ji Speech On Karpoori Thakur.

Despite holding significant positions throughout his life, Karpoori Thakur remained humble and attentive to the concerns of the people. Due to his straightforward and honest approach, he earned the title of “Jan Nayak” among the people.

Karpoori Thakur left us on February 17, 1988, at 64, succumbing to a heart attack. Share it with your friends, and let them know the remarkable journey of Karpoori Thakur as well. We think that this information has given you a good knowledge of Karpoori Thakur’s life.

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