Ladakh Protest

Ladakh Protest experiences a complete shutdown as thousands brave freezing temperatures to demand ‘statehood.'(2024)

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Ladakh Protest: In a massive demonstration, residents of Ladakh took to the streets, advocating for statehood and constitutional protections under the sixth schedule for the Union Territory. Organized by the Leh Apex Body (LAB) and Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA), the protests saw men and women marching through Leh’s main city despite the harsh cold.

Ladakh Protest.
Ladakh Protest

LAB and KDA, representing Ladakh’s two regions, have been pushing for statehood and Sixth Schedule status since the region became a Union Territory. Their collaboration gained strength in August 2021, with both groups intensifying their demands.

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Protestors rallied for Ladakh’s statehood, the application of the sixth schedule of the Constitution, and the establishment of separate parliamentary seats for Leh and Kargil districts.


After the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A, Ladakh transitioned into a Union Territory without a legislature on August 5, 2019, splitting Jammu and Kashmir into two Union territories.

Ladakh Protest

Ladakh’s residents express dissatisfaction with prolonged bureaucratic rule, asserting that only full statehood, allowing them to elect representatives, can address their concerns.

In January 2023, the Union Home Ministry formed a committee, led by Minister of State Rai, to safeguard land and employment for Ladakh’s people. PTI reported that Ladakh representatives submitted a memorandum urging the establishment of a Ladakh Public Service Commission, highlighting limited opportunities for local students to secure gazetted posts.

The upcoming meeting between representatives and the Minister of State (MoS) is yet to be finalized, but there are indications it will likely occur in early February. The memorandum also proposes amending The Jammu and Kashmir Re-organisation Act 2019 to include two Members of Parliament from Ladakh—one from Leh and one from Kargil. There’s optimism for Ladakh to secure a seat in the Rajya Sabha, aligning with states like Sikkim.

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