Maldives Bankruptcy 2024 Maldives Bankruptcy News

Maldives Declares Bankruptcy 2024:Maldives Bankruptcy News Created A Buzz.

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Maldives Bankruptcy 2024
Maldives Bankruptcy News,
Maldives Declares Bankruptcy:
Maldives is running out of money Maldives is drowning in this blue ocean. There are fights happening in parliament. The people are talking about changing the government. Because the government has declared “Our Money Is Over”

Maldives Bankruptcy 2024
Maldives Bankruptcy News
Maldives Bankruptcy News

PM Modi Promoted Lakshadweep:

Last month PM Modi promoted Lakshadweep, Maldives took it personally and started insulting India. People started to post bad words about India on Social Media like Open Defecation is our national culture. So the bad days of Maldives had started and we knew that one day Maldives would become bankrupt but we didn’t know that this would happen so soon. 

Because of this the leader of Maldives who used to insult India, used to abuse India, now they are begging for a single dollar. But is this a good news for India? Or is this a warning? Let’s find out.

Maldives Bankruptcy 2024
Maldives Bankruptcy News,
Maldives Declares Bankruptcy
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Condition of Maldives: Some highlights of Maldives economy:

  1. Maldives total population is 5.2 million (that comes to 52 lakhs)
  2. Their GDP is $5 billion. The point is the country is small , there is a lot of natural beauty, but there are no natural resources.
  3. Maldives has debt of $3 billion
  4. According to world bank 42% debt is from China
  5. During covid due to less tourism IMF had helped Maldives and again IMF has warned that Maldives will become bankrupt, if they don’t do anything soon.
  6. In this time, instead of making friends Maldives is making more enemies. That too country like India
  7. 3 months ago Mohamed Muizzu became the president of Maldives and that too with the Indian out campaign.

Geography of Maldives:

If you look at Maldives geography it is beneficial for them to keep good relations with India as India is the nearest country to Maldives. India had given Maldives $1.4 billion as aid for that India had given Maldives a credit line of $50 million defense equipment. India had sent vaccines to Maldives during covid.

Neighborhood policy:

Neighborhood first with this policy we maintain a good relation with our neighbors. But after Muizzu was elected he broke Maldives old tradition. Instead of India he first visited Turkey and China and he also signed 20 agreements with China. This all happened when everyone in India started boycotting Maldives. Maldives is a small and weak country but they are still not ready to bow down Infront of India. This is possible only when they have the support of a big power.

Maldives Bankruptcy 2024
Maldives Bankruptcy News
Maldives Bankruptcy News

China relation with Maldives:

During 2011, there was no relation between China and Maldives

In 2011 China opened an embassy in Maldives and since then China became the biggest friend of Maldives. but this friendship is not beneficial for Maldives but it is for China. 

China’s masterplan:

Maldives officials called our PM a clown and for this Maldives never apologized, because China has promised Maldives that they will double the flights from China to Maldives. If Indian tourism has stopped to come Maldives then we will send double the tourists to Maldives, China also said to give grants to Maldives, China told they will make Maldives a part of belt and road initiative. Their will no impact on your economy, but nothing comes free China want to buy Maldives despite knowing the fact that Maldives is going to sink not by financially but literally too. 

Scientists say that before 2100 Maldives will completely underwater this is a profitable deal for China. Because slowly Maldives will sell all the land to China and when Maldives will sink the surrounding sea will be in control of China 

In 1982 the united nation defined the exclusive zones under law of the sea; the sovereign right of these areas belongs to a particular country. In an exclusive economic zone of a country it can create artificial islands and structures, can conduct marine scientific research, and take steps for marine environment preservation.

This is not a small area; it extends up to 200 nautical miles. If Maldives exists or not as long as Maldives exist on paper, Maldives can make decisions for situations China wants to take this right from Maldives. So that China can have power on  both Indian ocean and Arabian sea. This is China’s real master plan. 

Maldives should understand that China will not accept Maldives people as refugees. 

Maldives current situation:

Muizzu says that the government can’t start any project as there is no money. The conclusion is Maldives has a financial burden from 3 sides. 

  1. 28% of Maldives economy comes from the tourism sector which is suffering post covid.
  2.  China is ruling on Maldives in a debt-trapped diplomacy.
  3. Maldives is facing a financial crisis. They are making old friends like India as their enemy.
Maldives Bankruptcy 2024
Maldives Bankruptcy News
Maldives Bankruptcy News

India help to Maldives:

1.India had helped Maldives financially in several ways.

2.some of Maldives essential requirements comes from India. Like majority of fresh food, meat, dairy items, vegetables, coffee, sugar, pharmaceutical products and medicines come from India.

3. In 2023-24 India had already exported goods worth Rs 3878 crores to Maldives. And these imports have reached to 690 crores out of which major component is of aircraft. 

4. India helps the neighboring country to fulfill different projects.

5. 2023-24 India had given 183 crore as development aid.

6. 11% tourist are from India.

After the anti-Maldives slogan, they started to deport Indian peoples, but Maldives say that the people they deported are running illegal businesses.

Maldives has ordered to India to remove all military persons before 15th march. But our Indian military stays there for rescue operations. They operate Dhruv helicopters which help Maldivians. And to evacuate people on time.

Today Maldives is ready to break friendship from India and to keep good relations with China. Soon in the coming days Maldives may face civil war. 

Lesson From Maldives Bankruptcy News:

Why Maldives is bankrupt now during the election Muizzu started the India-out slogan due to the fact that he won the election but lost a friend. For short term profit gain he lost long term profit.

This is not only about Maldives, this is for every country’s political situation who offer free electricity, free transport, free ration to win the election. The problem is not that these things are provided free, the thing is who will pay for this”?

Lesson1: For short term gain don’t go loss for long term

Lesson 2: Learn to identify your true friend, China is investing in Maldives because of their profit. China has taken the island on lease. It will get ready in the year  2066 and the island is 700 km away from India.

 Lesson 3: Image- Maldives become morally bankrupt.

More About Maldives :

Maldives currency is Maldivian Rufiyaa

Maldives currency to INR : 1 Maldivian Rufiyaa is equals to 5.38 Indian Rupees.

Maldives currency to USD : 1 Maldivian Rufiyaa is equals to 0.065 US Dollars.

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