Maldives in Disarray After PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep Sparks Trip Cancellations by Indians.

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The Maldives and India have recently in Controversy. Since Muhammad Muizzu Become The President Of Maldives in November the tension has arise. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to Lakshadweep Island the problem arise between India and Maldives, it seems that some people from Maldives were not happy about it, especially when the president of Maldives tweeted about it.

Narendra Modi in Lakshadweep


PM Modi visit to Lakshadweep:

After Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep Indians tweeted on social media that they are cancelling the plan to visit to Maldives and preferring to Lakshadweep. this all happened after the Maldives president tweeted. they hinted that India might feel competitive when it comes to beach tourism.

Narendra Modi in Lakshadweep

And you know what ? #’BoycottMaldive’ is trending on social media as people shared their cancelled flight and hotel reservation images. However, what is the reason of tension between these two nations?

The Maldives Foreign Policy have been changed after Muizzu become the president of Maldives. It is seen that they are aiming to appear for close relationship with China instead of ‘India First’ as the previous government used to. according to the news sources Muizzu is planning to travel China from January 8 to 12.

Maldives is a Neighborhood country of India and is important for India because of Indian Ocean. It is also important because of Indian Regional Policies including SAGAR(Security and Growth For All In The Region) and also ‘Neighborhood First Policy’.

Many Bollywood Celebrities like John Abraham and Shraddha Kapoor and Akshay Kumar made social media comments on the Maldives problem while praising Lakshadweep’s beauty. “Why go all the way to the Maldives when our beautiful Lakshadweep beach offers just as much beauty?” This question appears in many tourists mind.

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