National Creators Award 2024

National Creators Award 2024: PM Modi Presents National Creators Award see the details.

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National Creators Award 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Presented National Creators Award at Bharat Mandapam New Delhi on March 8 2024..The intention of this award function was to tell the importance of Creativity and to guide the positive change in Creativity.

National Creators Award 2024

What is the National Creator Award 2024?

The National Creator Award is an effort to recognize Talents like social change advocacy, Storytelling, Gaming, Environmental conservation and Education.

Nowadays Millions of Content Creators are creating content on Social media Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on.Many content creators are making content on topics like Education, Knowledge, Technology, Business, Fashion, Creativity and travel and on many more topics. 

National Creators Award 2024 Selection Process:

Over 1.5 lakh Nominations were received for the National Creators Award. The nomination Window was open on Indian Website between 10-29 February 2024.

National Creators Award 2024: Categories:

The categories include Best Storyteller Award, Best Celebrity Creator of the year, Best Creator in Food Category, Best Travel Creator Award, Tech Creative Award, Best Creative Crater (male or female)and Best Health and Fitness Creator, and many more categories were added. 

National Creators Award 2024

 National Creators Award 2024:Winner List:

1. Best Storyteller- Keerthika Govindswamy 

2. Most Creative Creator Female- Shraddha Jain (AiyyoShraddha)

3. Most Creative Creator Male- RJ Raunac (Bauaa)

4. Best Creator In Food Category: Kabita Singh

5. Heritage Fashion Icon Award- Janvi Singh

6. Green Champion Category Award- Pankhti Pandey

7. Best Creator Tech Category- Gaurav Chuadhary 

8. Best Health And Fitness Award- Ankit Baiyanpuria

9. Best Creator In the Education Department- Naman Deshmukh.

10. Best Travel Creator- Kamiya Jani

11.Disruptor Of the Year award- Ranveer Allahabadia (BeerBiceps)

12. Cultural Ambassador of the year- Maithili Thakur.

13. Best Micro Creator- Aridaman

14. Best Creator In Gaming Category- Nishchay

15. Swachhta Ambassador- Malhar Kalambe

16. Celebrity Creator- Aman Gupta

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