National Science Day

National Science Day 2024 is a special day that we celebrate on February 28 to honor the discovery of the Raman Effect by an Indian scientist named CV Raman.

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National Science Day 2024: Why is National Science Day important?

The answer is science plays a big role in our life, it makes things easier without us even realizing it. This is a day for recognizing the importance of science and appreciating the scientists and their contribution. Through their efforts our lives become easier.

National Science Day 2024

So, on this National Science Day, let’s remember a few things:

  1. It happens every year on February 28, and this time it falls on a Wednesday.
  2. The history behind it is linked to CV Raman discovering the Raman Effect in 1928, and he got a Nobel Prize for it in 1930.
  3. The theme for this year(National Science Day) is “Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat,”appreciating the scientists for making our life easy. 
National Science Day 2024

Why do we celebrate National Science Day 2024

To raise awareness about science and the growth in science and also about scientists’ efforts and how science is making progress day by day.

The celebrations for National Science Day 2024 include a program at TIFR’s Colaba campus on February 25. This day is celebrated by attending activities like lectures, lab visits, science museums and interacting with scientists. This event is for everyone and free of cost it will be anyone can participate to gain the knowledge and spark your interest in science.

Lastly, recent achievements show that India is making waves in scientific research globally. We are among the top five countries in research publications, ranked 40th in the Global Innovation Index (a significant climb from 81st in 2015), and our patent filing has crossed 90,000, the highest in two decades. The provided information is from the Department of Science And Technology.

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