Upcoming Grand Hindu Mandirs in India:

Upcoming Grand Hindu Temples in India is set to construct several significant temples after the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.2024

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Upcoming Grand Hindu Temples(Mandirs) in India: In this blog we will tell you about the upcoming Hindu mandir and the information about when and where these mandir are going to be built.

Upcoming Grand Hindu Temples
Upcoming Grand Hindu Temples(Mandirs) in India

India is currently Leading as a global spiritual leader, and our Hindu temples are playing a crucial role in enhancing our cultural identity and contributing to the country’s economy. Let’s delve into the details of the upcoming grand Hindu temples:

List Of Upcoming Grand Hindu Temples(Mandirs) in India:

  • 1.Umiya Mata Mandir (Mehesana, Gujarat):
    • Location: Mehesana, Gujarat
    • Estimated Cost: Approximately 1500 crores
    • Spread across 74,000 square yards, this majestic temple will also include accommodations for over 1200 boys and girls. Adequate parking facilities will be provided for the convenience of devotees.
  • 2.Viraat Ramayan Mandir (Kesaria, Bihar):
    • Location: Kesaria, Bihar
    • Target Completion: 2025
    • The temple aims to establish the world’s largest Shiva Lingam and will consist of three towers, each reaching a height of around 270 feet. The complex will include 22 additional temples.
  • 3.Tirupati Bala Ji Mandir Replica (Jammu):
    • Location: Jammu
    • Estimated Cost: Around 33 crores
    • Spanning 62 acres, this temple will replicate the renowned Tirupati Balaji Temple, providing easy access for devotees in the Jammu region.
  • 4.Mayapur Iskcon Mandir (Krishnanagar, West Bengal):
    • Location: Krishnanagar, West Bengal
    • Expected Completion: 2024
    • With a construction cost of approximately 100 million dollars, this Iskcon temple, located at the headquarters in West Bengal, will be the world’s largest Vedic temple. It attracts around 10,000 devotees daily.
  • 5.Chandrodaya Mandir (Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh):
    • Location: Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh
    • Height: Approximately 700 feet
    • Estimated Cost: 700 crores
    • This temple, set to be the tallest in the world, is expected to be completed by 2024. It will be a major pilgrimage site, and the visit may take 2 to 3 days to explore the entire complex.

Other Upcoming Grand Temples:

  • Aum Ashram (Pali, Rajasthan)
  • Srimandir Heritage Complex (Puri, Orissa)
  • Mahakal Lok (Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh)
  • Krishna Leela Theme Park (Bengaluru, Karnataka)
  • Upcoming Grand Hindu Mandirs Overview
Mandir NameLocationState
Umiya Mata MandirMehesana, GujaratGujarat
Viraat Ramayan MandirKesaria, BiharBihar
Tirupati Bala Ji Mandir ReplicaJammuJammu and Kashmir
Mayapur Iskcon MandirKrishnanagar, West BengalWest Bengal
Chandrodaya MandirVrindavan, Uttar PradeshUttar Pradesh
Aum AshramPali, RajasthanRajasthan
Srimandir Heritage ComplexPuri, OdishaOdisha
Mahakal LokUjjain, Madhya PradeshMadhya Pradesh
Krishna Leela Theme ParkBengaluru, KarnatakaKarnataka

We hope this overview of upcoming grand Hindu temples provides you with valuable insights. Share this information with your friends and family so that they too can stay informed about these significant developments in the spiritual landscape of India.”

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