About Us

Channel Advisor News (CAN) is created by news author Gouri Jadhav. The primary goal of CAN is to deliver fresh information to readers as quickly as possible. The author work tirelessly day and night to create this news blog. The main objective of CAN is to establish a loyal base of readers who prefer to consume online news on the web and mobile.

I am committed to providing fast and accurate news that covers national and international affairs, user interest information, unusual news, astrology updates, business news, sports news, lifestyle news, and more.

The Story of Channel Advisor News

During the planning phase of this website, the owner and writer were clear about why Channel Advisor News was created. News and technology in the realm of social media, ensuring user satisfaction, have been our top priority. The goal of CAN is to provide users with information that helps them in their daily lives, along with content that entertains and satisfies the desire to read.

We daily come with the below list of Content on Channel Advisor News –

  • Trending News
  • Entertainment 
  • Automobiles 
  • Career and Education
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Blogs

Gouri A Jadhav  is the Author and Owner of Channeladvisornews.com.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has over 5 years of experience in blogging and digital marketing and content writing. With a background in Science field, she has worked with various businesses and blogs, showcasing her expertise in the field of News Article.